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You don’t know what CSS or HTML are or whether WordPress is better than Joomla. To you, hosting is reserved for dinner parties and UI are sounds birds make.

What you do know is that you need a website. You don’t care how it gets done … you just need a website!

As well as taking great pictures, I also create beauifully functional websites for small business owners like you.

The Details:

What is the cost for a new website?

This question is a lot like asking a baker how much it costs to make a cake?

Before answering, the baker is bound to ask:

• How big will the cake be? Is it for 2 people or 200?
• What ingredients will be in it? Is it a simple carrot cake or a multi-flavored extravaganza?
• How much decoration do you want? Is it a grand 5 tiered wedding cake with elaborate decorations or a simple chocolate cake with glaze?

Building a new website is much the same. Before I can give you an exact price, there are a number of questions we need to answer:

• How many pages do you want or need?
• Do you need ecommerce functionality?
• Are you providing your own artwork and copy?
• Do you have specific style requirements?
• Have you already purchased a domain name or hosting?
• Is it a rework or a new site?
• And more…

With so many variables and every customer being different, I’m more than happy to provide you a free no-obligation quote after we’ve discussed your specific requirements.

What type of websites do you build?

I cater to small business owners and can do everything from a simple informational site to an e-commerce site with products (physical, virtual) for sale.

Can I see some websites you have built?
What will you need from me?

To ensure that you get a website that you’re proud of, there will be a lot of interaction between us. What I need from you can be broken down into two areas:

  1. Input – The more input I receive from you, the better your site is going to be. There will be numerous times during the build process where I’ll be asking you to provide your thoughts and opinions on what I’ve done.
  2. Assets – The more you can provide, the better. I can always source photographs and do copywritng but when it comes from you, it takes me less time to create and saves you money.
How long will it take to create my website?

Getting a new site up and running is dependent upon a few things:

  • How large the site will be.
  • Whether or not you are providing the web assets (pictures, text, etc.).
  • How busy I am.
  • Your timeliness with requests.

Under ideal circumstances, I can get a simple informational website up and running within about 2 weeks.

The design process explained

The process I use to create a new website follows along these guidelines:

  • Gather Information – Before we start, you will receive an intake questionnaire which helps me get to know you and your business a bit better. Next, I like to schedule a meeting (phone, skype, in person) to further discuss your requirements and how best to accomodate them.
  • Quote – Once I’ve had a chance to digest everything, I will provide you with a comprehensive quote.
  • Requirements – Should you choose to proceed, I will provide you with a list of requirements (photos, copy/text and other assets) that I will need to proceed.
  • Initial Design – Once I have a good idea on what you want and need, I brainstorm ideas and together, we develop a style for your website.
  • Development – After we’ve agreed upon a general theme, look and style for your website, I start bringing your website to life.
  • Ongoing Review – The look of your new website is never a surprise as we are constantly going back and forth until you are totally happy with it.
Can we work long distance?

Absolutely! The joy of modern technology means that even if you’re half way around the world, we can still work together. As long as you have access to the internet, we’re good to go!

My web knowledge is limited!

Don’t worry! I pride myself in keeping the tech talk to a minimum and don’t expect you to know anything about web design. I’ll keep things plain and simple throughout the process.

Let’s Connect

Want to find out more about getting your very own website?

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